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Customs Clearance



It's known that some countries have much more complicated customs regulations than others, with special regulations and specific government agencies. DTB Export simplifies it for you, making it quick and transparent

  •  Goods classification assessory
  •  Documental analysis
  •  Special import regulations
    •  Temporary Import and Export
    •  Fairs and exhibitions
    •  Repairs and Reverse Logistics
    •  Exchange
  •  Expertise with government agencies special processes (food, health, pharma, etc.)




Knowledge and experience make your customs clearance process faster by eliminating unnecessary delays. 

  •  Documental analysis - Meticulous check of all documentation to guarantee is's in accordance to the local customs regulations, avoiding halts at customs
  •  Route optimization - Customs at some airports are faster than others in the same country. We're constantly monitoring the airports situation to suggest the fastest option to you
  •  Automated checks - Our robots are constantly checking the customs system




Discover opportunities in your customs clearance process and make it more efficient.

  •  Duties reduction or exemption
    •  Ex-Tarifário (Brazil)
    •  Drawback
    •  Customs bonded warehouse
  •  Special import regulations analysis
    •  Duty free stock in Brasil
    •  Optimization of your duties and taxes
    •  Advisory for other states VAT